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28 March 2015 @ 12:53 pm

Today is a good day!!
I started it by cleaning my house, took my motorcycle to service center, ate snack near it, and the the last for this morning, I took my motorcycle to car/motorcycle wash...

Still wondering what I will do next, ironing my big pile of clothes or reading my novel until finish, while a sms came in.

The postman informes me, that my package from Japan is arrived.

Yeay! It's arrived! My package, the one and only KAT-TUN bundle set i ordered, finally arrived!! 😍😍

I went directly to post office, in my way home, took it and also say thanks to the postman. I opened it at home and took a look  to my 3 DVDs and the posters (3 posters).
I love it!

Well, when I have a bigger house, I will put all my KAT-TUN and book collections in a special room. The posters I got from bundle set, I will hang them on the wall.. The collection room, my sacret collection room.. Phew.. 😄

12 July 2014 @ 09:20 am


my precious dvds.. ^^


25 September 2013 @ 11:26 pm

It's been a long time since my last post, ne? and since that, many things happened in my life. Sadness & happiness are come & go. But, I'm so blessed that there are many happiness happens in my life, rather than sadness. All the happiness here thanks to my beloved family, my dearest love, Romy, and my friends..

Okay then, hajimashouka?
Tonight I want to write about my impression after I watched Shounen Club Special Selection, August edition.
So, when I was in my business trip to Samarinda, I happened to download Shounen Club Special Selection in the hotel in Samarinda.
Since the speed was not really good, I only can download 3 of 9 parts only. (hiks..) and then continued downloading all the rest in my home in Balikpapan.

When I first watched it, i was astonished with the 3 older member of Sexy Zone (Kento, Fuma, & Shori) singing Bad Boys. Watching them singing that rockish song, made me suddenly remember the 6nin KAT-TUN. Those three reminds me of Kento for Kame, Fuma for Jin, and Shori for Ueda (dunno why Uepi, but that's it I can get the impression right now). When I looked at Kento, I taught, "Hi, Kento, long time no see, nee.. You've grown up to be a gorgeous man and your voice is great too, distinctive." I can know this is Kento singing, though I don't see the PV or something..

Then I looked at Fuma.. Yabai.. He now can break some women's heart.. and his voice... oh my, very 'Jin'-like.. I don't want to compare this group with their senpai, but I can't help it. Maybe because I am a hyphen so I directly goes under this thought.. >_<

Looking Shori, Marius, & Sho, I directly thought of Arashi. Shori is like MatsuJun, Marius is Ohno, and Sho is Aiba + Sho.. wkwkwk...

Well, go back to their performance there. I really love it!! and well, laughed very hard when Shori's high-pitched voice accidentally came out in the important part of the song.. all the member are laughed too, but they managed to keep singing. Kento still can managed it, singing while smiling, but Fuma, he even can't dance.. My dear Fuma... I, too, will laugh very hard too, and maybe I can't dance, or even laugh out laud at that time. Good job, liltle brothers!!

I also took some attention to the Juniors here. I missed seeing Kaoru and bam! he now taller than last year when I saw him singing 'With You' (of course! they all boys and in their growth sprout time! XD). Seeing Uchi Hiroki also made me thinking, will uncle Johnny let him debut? or will he be forever junior?

Sorry for A.B.C - Z fans out there, i always skipped their parts, dunno why.. m(_ _)m

So far I love this episode. I love NakaKen sang 'Ai no Katamari', though his shoulders movement while playing piano are too much for me.. :p I just wonder, why uncle Johnny let Yama-chan sang this song, why not Kento? Nandeee????
But that's ok, because Kento got a good solo song in Sexy Zone album, right. I love it and put it in my ipod <3

Btw, beside babbling about SC (and Kento), I also want to talk about Gackt.
I already know that he's very kakkoi since watching Shin Domoto Kyodai. However, that time when I watched SDK and several days ago when I first watched his PV Sakura, Chiru is still awesome.
Gackt in this traditional royal outfit, made me kya-ing!! and the song, I like it very much, though i don't know the meaning.. (well, I have to look for the translation, i guess.. :p)

OK, iijyoudesu!!
This post is talk about Shounen Club, especially Sexy Zone (Nakaken, to be honest :p) and also Gackt.
oh my God, i love their songs. gotta get my ipod and put them in it!!

Saa.. Jya ne!!
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19 May 2012 @ 11:01 pm

If you're Indonesian, just remind you that I am a good Indonesian who cares about my country..


Many people knows about Lady GaGa. She is popular and unique. Well, I'm not a fan of Lady GaGa but the news spreading about Lady GaGa is going to hold a concert in Indonesia is very funny.


some group of people are against Lady Gaga to hold a concert here in Jakarta. However, the time is sooo wrong.


Why don't they do that before the pre sale? Why don't they do that when the producer announced it?
Now, if the producer wants the show go on, Lady Gaga have to follow the rules about the dances, costumes, lyrics, etc. They said that Lady Gaga have to follow the rules and norms in Indonesia.
Hellooo there, don't you know about Indonesian AV? Have you ever seen the dangdut performances? Don't you think they're not the same or more than Lady Gaga?
The lyrics from Lady Gaga's songs are just the same with the other int'l performances who had shows in Jkt.


Oh my shallow mind, forgive me to give you a difficult topic like this.. Better to listen Lady GaGa's Bad Romance and sleep until 2.15 watching Chelsea vs Bayern Muenchen.. Jyaa ne..


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19 May 2012 @ 09:29 pm

I've just updated my LiveJournal for Android and I reaaallyy love it!!


It looks like the mobile version of LJ.The old LJ for Android only allowed me to write a post, that's all. But with the latest update here, I can read the posts people I follow. It's just like the website version..


I hope many good changes happen in the future.. Love my LJ :-*

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14 April 2012 @ 11:08 am

I thought I already manage this fear, but in the reality I don't. I still have fear to men. Men I never met before but I have to talk with them on phone. I can redeem it if the topic is about work. If the topic change to something like hang out together, my hands will be very cold. I am scared, scared to death.


This only happens when I have to talk to man by phone which is talking something other than work.
Am I that afraid or just a workaholic?


My heart still beats very fast.


That's why I am not interested in a  relationship before I can manage this paranoia. That's why I tell people who ask if I have a boyfriend, I will answer that I have, but actually I don't.

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13 April 2012 @ 09:00 pm

For almost 2 weeks I left my life in the big city and went to a remote village in East Borneo. Well, nothing can move me here, except my job.


Yes, because of my job, I have to move to a remote village. Although I say it's remote village, it already has minimarket. Yeah, at least it has minimarket. If you think here has no electricity, you're wrong. Hohoho. It's already has electricity too.


This village is the hometown of my parents. There are many Dayaknese in this vilage. I am a Dayaknese too, fyi. Right now I can hear the music of Belian, a ceremony to call the spirit to help the human. It's thrilling and fascinating!


Here I live with my uncle's family, my mother's little brother. My father's kins are also live in this village. It feels like hoiday, except my duty to come every weekdays for work.


The internet connection here isn't good, so that I can't download anything in LJ. What a loss. But thank you to my neechan, Kak Adel, mind to help me to my JE-less situation.


Actually I really want to show you the night sky in this village. Tonight the sky is very clear and the stars are showing themselves. It's really beautiful!! The sky is very big and dark. The air is fresh too. The water is very cold! But I love it.


Hoahemn.. It's just 8.50 PM but I'm really sleepy. I worked overtime today. I have to sleep. Tomorrow I still have to go to office. Many things to do.


Jyaa ne!! :-) <3

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17 March 2012 @ 09:04 am

It’s been 2 weeks now I’ve trained in Samarinda. So far, the atmosphere in the office and the works are awesome. It is the first time for me to experience an office which is very flexible and relax. The people there are like family, the bound is somewhat strong.  I think I’m lucky to choose this company as my first job.

However, my boarding house in Samarinda is like a hell, I don’t mean the people, but the environment. Several days ago I got up at 2 in the morning, not because I can’t sleep, but because 2 rooms next to mine, there was a fight between (maybe a husband and wife). The husband hit the wife, slapped her, and it lasted for 4 hours!! I can’t imagine how strong the wife was, but of course, she cried at that time, but she didn’t yell for help. That’s strange.

Whatever, I don’t want to pick my nose in someone’s business. It’s only because I heard it for 4 hours and I can’t sleep because of that. And when I went to work, I was like a zombie, walking without direction, just like my soul was not in my body. And I blamed those people who made me like that.

Thanks to God, it’s over. In Thursday evening, the family went back to their home and leave the boarding house safe and clean.

So for 2 weeks, my life revolved around office and boarding house, but in the weekend I rushed to the bus station after my work to get the bus home. I love this feeling and I hope it will last a little bit longer because I don’t want to lose contact with my friends here, and also the internet connection, fyi.

Hmm.. what else I want to write here?

Oh! I got an idea about a new fanfic, but I have to finish my last fanfic which starred by aline natasha. Fufufu.. I’m sorry, neechan, it took so long. Hehehhee…

So, I will dig up my memory and dream and make something to my lovely neechan now. Jaa~

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03 March 2012 @ 06:03 pm
i don't know what to do.. things go so fast and I don't know how to manage things these days. I have a training out of my town and there is no internet access there. So, I don't know how to finish my project translating these english soft sub into indonesian soft sub.. hiks.. besides, I have problem uploading to d-addicts.. I've followed the steps but still i can't upload my soft sub into d-addicts.. anyone can help me?
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14 February 2012 @ 08:47 am

I woke up in the morning after my mom yelled to me..well, for the ones who wants to celebrate Valentine's day, it's not the best way to start a special day.. Fortunately I'm not celebrating it.. It's not bcs I am a part of short-minded people who think that on this day people celebrate it by doing sex.. I have no idea with those freak..
For me, because I don't want to celebrate the assassination(?) of St. Valentine by giving chocolate, better I watch my favorite drama this season and also the latest Shounen Club (Yaaayy!!!).. If I have money, I want to go to Japan and watch KAT-TUN's concert today.. I think it's the best way to celebrate Valentine's day.. with my boys singing their song..
What I want to do today is laying down on my bed, listening to my JE boys, reading a new historical romance novel I bought several days ago (I'm so in love with this genre!!) , and eating snacks.. For today, I don't care about fat and time..hohoho..
So, happy Tuesday, people!!!


#How did Hey! Say! 7 get their cute voice back when they sang "Hey! Say!" ?!?! They're 18 for the God's sake!


##About JinxMeisa..Omedetouu..I hope you all have a happy marriage life and also have good, smart, and cute children..

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